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NOW HIRING! GOGO GIRLS WANTED! DANCERS NEEDED! Those are some of the signs posted discreetly around the club. We are always looking for hot new dancers to snuggle up to our poles. Our customers love the fresh meat we have on display for them. And sales are absolutely the best when a brand new sexy slut starts shaking her stuff for the crowd. But not every girl that applies for the job gets hired! Our girls go through a strict pre-hire qualification screening and you get to watch it all! We set our cameras on our new recruits to test all their skills, dancing is just the primer. We have to know if they are good at sucking cock, or if they fuck like an animal or limp biscuit. Competition is steep and the girls want the job so badly they will do anything to seal the deal. How far will the next one go? Will she get hired?

These girls are willing to do anything to get hired. Maybe they think it's a ticket to the promised land or maybe they just love cock! Every one of them knows they have to be good at more than dancing and are eager to show off their talents to get the job.

You get to experience first hand the behind the scenes action that makes the gogo industry in Thailand special; imagine that it's you getting your cock sucked or pounding these tight pussies. If you want to see the hottest little Thai girls fucking and sucking, you've come to the right place.

These girls come from ALL parts of Thailand, from the major cities like Bangkok to the rice fields of Buri Ram. You will see SUBMISSIVE teen girls that you will see NOWHERE ELSE. All girls are captured in crystal-clear clarity so you see every detail of their tender young bodies. These girls will make great wives someday, kissing the kids off to school, making dinner, grocery shopping. But that's after they have met their future husband working at the gogo.

Be one of the proud to witness their descent from fresh Thai girl to cum soaked slut. Guys travel to Thailand and frequently snatch our dancers away so we are always hiring and you will ALWAYS have fresh NEW pieces of ass showing the world what they're good for. Everyday new Thai girls turn 18 and they want to make money and be saved by a westerner. So many young nubile sluts from Thailand we are trying to hire them all!